MONDAY – 12/07/2015

8:00am – Registration
9:00am –  Opening of the Congress – Gilberto Kassab, Minister of the Cities, Federal Government of Brazil (to be confirmed)

MAIN THEMEPride and Identity of the Cities
10:00am – Lecturer: Regina Monteiro (São Paulo): Clean City – The Example from São Paulo
10:30am – Lecturer: Ferran Ferrer Viana (Barcelona): Campaigns and Programs for the Urban Landscape – The Experience of Barcelona – “Barcelona posa’t guapa”
11:00am – Coffee Break
11:15am – Round Table: The Cities’ Identity and the Right to the Landscape
12:00am – Debate (Questions and Answers)
00:30pm – Lunch

MAIN THEME Guidelines for Transforming the Urban Landscape
02:30pm – Lecturer: Marcelo Palinkas (Florianópolis): The Clean City – The Example from Ribeirão Preto
03:00pm – Lecturer: Teresa Sandoval (Barcelona): Cities as Agora
03:30pm – Lecturer: Roberto Zancan (Venice): The landscape Performance – A creative idea for public services
04:00pm – Coffee Break
04:30pm – Round Table: The Quotidian Patrimony and the Right to Beauty
05:15pm – Debate

TUESDAY – 12/08/2015

MAIN THEME – Technical Aspects for Managing the Urban Landscape I
9:00am – Lecturer: Diana Wiesner (Bogota): Los Cerros de Bogotá e Medellín: from Planning to Action
9:30am – Lecturer: Claudia Grangeiro (Rio de Janeiro): The “Carioca” Landscape and Urban Movables Elements
10:00am – Lecturer: Santiago Uzal Jorro (Barcelona): Normatization for managing the Urban Landscape
10:30am – Coffee Break
11:00am – Round table: Norms and Ruling for Urban Landscape
11:45am – DebateCVs + programa
00:30pm – Lunch

MAIN THEMETechnical Aspects for Managing the Urban Landscape II
02:30pm – Lecturer: Issao Minami (Maringá): The Genesis of Visual Pollution in São Paulo City and Ethics and Aesthetic Issues in Urban Landscape
03:00pm – Lecturer: Sara Madueño (Lima): Diagnosis and the Problem of Lima
03:30pm – Lecturer: Deodato Ramalho (Fortaleza): Challenges and Perspectives in Large Cities
04:00pm – Coffee Break
04:30pm – Round Table: Experiences for the Quality of Life
05:15pm – Debate
06:00pm – Declaration “The Cities’ Charter” – Preparing for the second edition of the International Congress on Urban landscape, in Barcelona, 2016