White Devs | 01 Dec. 15

This article Diana Wiesner, a speaker at the First International Urban Landscape Congress, was originally written in the nature of cities. In order to talk about sustainability on an urban level, it is fundamental to have an understanding of the social particularities produced by the historical, economic and cultural context of the territories that belong […]

White Devs | 20 Nov. 15

For Regina Monteiro, the architect and urban planner who launched the idea for the 1st. International Congress on Urban Landscape, one of the main purposes of the event is to find new references for those cities that, as São Paulo, did put into force the Clean City Law. According to Regina, the Clean City Law […]

White Devs | 12 Nov. 15

Counting some eight million inhabitants, London is a city that preserves its urban landscape. According to a report by BBC Brazil, this is granted by rigid building rules in the city, which limit dense occupation to some areas and preserve the past. England’s capital city has 13 sights protected by law that impede the view […]

White Devs | 30 Oct. 15

Legislação em vigor desde 2012 pôs fim aos “grandes caixotes” que ocultavam a visão de quem passava pelas avenidas Presidente Vargas, Independência, Treze de Maio e D. Pedro I.

White Devs | 21 Oct. 15

Em vídeo feito exclusivamente para o Congresso, Ferran Ferrer Viana fala de suas ideias a respeito de paisagem urbana. Leia ainda texto escrito por Viana com as considerações dele sobre o que deve ser debatido no evento.